Interviews in Dissertation Paper

How to Use Interviews in Dissertation Paper

Interviews are an important part of many assignments, projects, and thesis or dissertation paper. You conduct interview to know about the story and experience behind any event. It includes in-depth information about the person, group, place and event, etc. interviews can also help you to follow up the questionnaires with open-ended questions and answers. You can also ask questions while getting answers at the spot according to the need of hour. First of all you have to design your interview before conducting it.

Recommended by experts of dissertation writing services, you must be clear about what you tend to ask from the interviewee. You must read and watch the sample videos of the interviews for your good assistance. This will help you to get a clear and focused image of the questions regarding your field of study. There are different types of interviews like general interviews, informal and conversational interviews, standardized and open-ended interviews, and closed or fixed-response interviews. You have to select one of these types for your interview according to its need and your discipline.

Use Interviews in Dissertation Paper:

There are different types of interviews that can be chosen by the students or assigned to them by their instructors according to the need of their field of research. You must find expect in the specific field to get knowledge about your topic. The information must be new and unique. Following are the steps about how to use interviews in your dissertation paper.

Take a Good Start:

First of all, you have to identify and determine the goals of your study regarding interviews. You have to follow certain question to start the interview. These questions are about local who are expect in your research topic, how you will contact those people for the interview, is there any person from your family or relatives who know these people, their numbers are in your range or you have to look for them in the internet, etc. Once you will be able to answer these questions about the interview you are ready to conduct it. Make sure to you have gathered general information about the interviewee.

Write Good Questions:

After the confirmation of the interviewee, you must be ready anytime to get the appointment. You need to learn about the person and his/her achievements as much as you can, and check if that person has worked before related to your field or topic of dissertation paper, the qualification of the person, and his/her experience about your field, etc. Try to write extra questions about the research, including the WHO questions so that you can easily relate them to your paper. Make sure to raise an argumentative question, so that you can learn different things from the discussion. It is very important for you to ask open ended question to get answers about your topic. You must bear in mind that you are not supposed to ask personal questions to the interviewee, because this can offend you in front of the interviewee. You must not cross your limits and stay within the boundaries.

The Interview:

It would be very convenient for you and for the interviewee if you will conduct the interview at their office or workplace.  They will be more comfortable at their place. And this has a plus point for you to write about their place and surroundings. Make sure to create a comfortable environment between you and the interview before start asking questions to him/her, you can ask the interview if you are allowed to record the interview are not, try to0 develop a rapport so that interviewee can easily answer the questions asked by you, make sure to ask open-ended question, take notes, stay within the boundaries of topic, do not speak a lot, and don’t stop, etc. The interview should not be so long. You need to stick to the time that you have taken from the interviewee. Don’t exceed the time limits.

Integrate or Include the Interview in Your Dissertation Paper

While picking the data and material of the interview that you have already conducted, make sure to remove the slang words, extra material and pauses from it. The interviewee always makes sure to answer each question perfectly. So, it’s your duty to adjust the answers without changing their meanings. Use transition words to add the interview in your dissertation paper like: according to or some other attributions words, etc. You are supposed to add the quotes, phrases and paraphrase used about the interview and its response.

Add the quotes according to the interest and to make the dissertation paper colorful. After completing the process of interpreting and incorporating the interview in your paper, it is your duty to proofread the dissertation paper. Don’t add too much data from your interview. Quotes must support the arguments of your research. It is very important for you to transcribe the interview before presenting it in your dissertation paper. There is different type software used by students for transcription, so you can also use that, or you may add the interviews in the appendix.

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Citation Styles for Adding the Interview:

As we all know that there are different styles of citation used by students in their academic writings. Similarly, students who write their interviews use different styles of citation top write it in their dissertation paper, thesis or assignments, etc. For Instance: MLA, APA, and A.P. These are citing styles for interviews.


This article has explained the main and important steps as well as guidelines about how to use the interviews in the dissertation papers. With the help of these points, you can easily conduct and use the interviews in your dissertation paper. Usually, these interviews are the primary and effective sources for your research and papers. Students can also take help from their instructors and family member to get from the interviewee. They can use the type of the interview on the basis of their research topic.