Sustainable Development

5 Most Important Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development goals aim to improve the quality of life worldwide. The purpose of sustainable development is to ensure high living standards. Sustainable development goals evaluate the stability of humans and nature at the same time. These goals were introduced by the UN, keeping in view the increasing poverty and environmental issues. The goals are usually adopted by countries and they aim to achieve these goals in a set time period.

According to researchers of dissertation writing services UK, there are three major divisions of SGD’s. The first one is economic development. The second one is environmental protection. And the last one is social development. Irrespective of gender, country or culture, everyone has the right to live a better life. The top 5 goals of sustainable development cover poverty and zero hunger. It also includes gender discrimination, health safety and education. Let’s discuss each goal one by one.


Reduction of poverty is the very first goal towards sustainable development. There are many countries in which most people do not even have a basic need of living. These needs include water supply, education and health safety. The rate of poverty is more in under-developing countries. The reason behind low living standards is linked with poor management of the country. It also covers the political conflicts of different parties in those countries.

Sustainable development goals aim to eradicate and reduce poverty in poor countries. But recently, COVID-19 has added an increment in the problem. The rate of poverty increased dramatically in just a few months. Before COVID-19, the rate of poverty used to decline each year. But now, again, the graph of poverty is increasing. To control the increasing poverty, the countries must ensure the implementation of SDG’s

No Hunger

The second goal of sustainable development is to work on food. Ensure healthy food through a stable agricultural system. Here the targeting point is to eradicate hunger. And increase the accessibility of food. The food needs to be full of nutrition. There should not be any malnutrition. For this, United Nations is working on the good production of food. It includes high-quality seeds and refined plants. From a bigger perspective, the major target of the UN is high agricultural trade. Because of hunger, the rate of undernourished people is increasing. These kinds of cases are very common in Africa. Their people do not have the facility of clean water. The death rate because of hunger is in millions.

Good Health and Well Being

As per the Sustainable development goal of health and well-being, healthy mothers give birth to healthy children. For all the expecting ladies it is very important to ensure good quality food. Also, sustainable development has a goal to fight contagious diseases. And also work on measures to reduce the level of non-contagious diseases. Good health also covers the aspects of mental health. Sustainable development covers all aspects related to good health. Family planning, pollution, hazardous pollutants come under the goal of sustainable development. For the achievement of this Sustainable development goal, there are policies as well. The first one is to follow the instructions of WHO. The second one is vaccination and medication of people all over the world. The third one is to provide funds for medical support in poor areas.

Gender Equality

Another important aspect of SDG’s is gender equality. In many sectors, discrimination against women is common. But for ensuring better living standards, gender equality matters a lot. Women should also have equal rights to take part in all sectors. If it’s a school, college or workplace, everywhere equality matters. No one should violate others based on gender. For the past few years, equality of women has been in practice. Still, some areas have discrimination based on gender. Gender equality is a fundamental right of all humans. Early marriage practises getting less common. Also, girls have started joining the school on a large scale. In politics and other sectors, women are serving well.

Quality Education

To make the world a better living place, it is important to ensure quality education through usual and virtual universities. In this sustainable development goal, the target is free primary and secondary education. Quality education includes equal access to schools and other institutes. The schools need to upgrade their educational system. They must have quality material for their students. They must ensure the availability of technical and scientific tools for experimentation. It should not matter if the country is developing or under-developing. But good quality education should be there.

The aforementioned areas are some important parts of our society. United nations have introduced goals in all these areas. So that , the quality of life can be improved all over the world and we can make it a better place for living.